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About Piff Inc.

Serving New England since 2016

The Source for quality reliable Cannabis products and accessories!


We are a Brand of Cannabis Clothing and Accessories in New England that strides to bring only the best to our customers. Since we are also members of a Cannabis Social Club, we go above and beyond to make each and every one of our fellow members happy and bring only the best quality craft cannabis to them whether it's for medical or adult use you can always expect top tier TESTED Craft Cannabis and products from local growers, chefs, and extract artists. We also have a trained team who can help guide you in the right direction because we all know it can be confusing!

We are always looking for new craft growers and producers so make sure to contact us if you'd like to get your products on our menu!

Remember: There is a delivery fee for all deliveries and our drivers have no idea what they are delivering.

If you select a gift we will go over all delivery details.


Only residents with a valid ID 21+ and/or MMJ Card can receive a gift. Again if you end up selecting a gift contact us and we will go over all further details and we DO NOT SHIP CANNABIS OR CANNABIS GIFTS.



We are members of The Summit Private Lounge open in Worcester MA. The fee is $15 a month and $5 each visit or $10 for a guest pass.



The Summit Lounge


Piff Kings is the same as Piff Inc right? NO! Piff Kings is a seperate part of Piff, both overseen by the same team, Piff Kings is our product line that we offer here exclusively. We know it's confusing and wanted to clear that up.


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